Useful Links and Tips

1. Useful ‘How To’ Links

We all need to learn more and some know more than others – just the nature of our hobby and long may it continue.

Below are some useful links to web sites or YouTube channels to help you along. These have been suggested by MKSMC members or unashamedly stolen from other Modelling Clubs..

Life Minatures painting figure in oils
Scale Modelling Now
Painting Leather Jacket
Nrmpaint Figure painting
Night Shift Dioramas/Armour/Figures
Artizandesigns for Uniform colours

2. Special Interest Groups (SIG)

SIG are groups that specialise in one area of our hobby.

Aerobatic Teams SIG,and%20present%2C%20military%20and%20civilian.
Great War SIG
‘What If’ SIG

3. Useful Hobby Apps/Links

Below are links to Apps available from iOS, Android or PC that will be useful to everyone. These have been vetted but not thoroughly tested.

4. Useful tips from members

Please note that MKSMC do not take any responsibility if these tips are a big fat fail. These have been used by members to good effect and are put here in good faith.

  • John W 
    • Ever had that issue with vallejo paint clogging airbrush? I find thinning to usual airbrush consistency then using a washed and dried ‘posh’ (eg tea pigs) tea bag pouch and a pipette squirt the mix through the tea bag filter into the airbrush cup. Picks out the clumps and then pretty much trouble free spraying.
  • Andy Mc
    • Without a doubt water based airbrush colours under automotive laquer , range of colours goes through the roof and you can tint and mix them to your hearts content so your not limited to the expensive limited selection of stock colours in automotive finishes.
  • Tom P
    • Use Plasti-Dip to coat the ends of your tweezers and help you win the battle of small bits pinging off to feed the Carpet Monster 👿. I chose Red Dip as it shows up well in the tool box.
  • Tom P 
    • Picked up from Facebook, use Pink Primer to prime before spraying Yellow. Apparently it works well and as I am always having yellow wash out will be used next. Update, just sprayed and works well, who’d have thunk it.
  • Andy Mc
    • If you got an old kit or figure you need parts off or a re build put them in water doesn’t have to be long even running under tap does it, place them in a freezer bag and put them in freezer, you will normally find most joints have popped and dis assembled themselves on all the glue lines, obviously it has varying degrees of success but is a good start before resorting to cutting etc, all parts just needed a quick clean up before going back together.
  • Tom P
    • When scratch building, use cardboard first to create the desired shape, test fit and then use as guide on plasticard. Cardboard off Cereal boxes work best. (Thanks Andy Mc)
  • Andy Mc/Tom P
    • For making studded armour plate try first eating Lidl Smoked Salmon slices (this is a non Vegan Tip), then utilise the studded plastic liner, which takes glue and paint well. Personally I use nice tiny pink sequins added with CA (Vegan option).