Monthly Competition

Below is the list of Club Competitions for the season and culminating in the Nic Bavington trophy in May. Photos of monthly competitions can be found on individual month links.

  • June 2023 Aircraft (Won by John Willshere with Eurofighter Tiger Meet)
  • July 2023 Ground based Armour (Won by Paul Cawte with Nagmachon IDF)
  • August 2023 144th scale (Won by Paul Cawte with U-Boat)
  • September 2023 Vietnam/Korea aircraft (Won by John Willshere with Phantom)
  • October 2023 Sci-Fi and Fantasy. (Won by Phil Scaife with Warhammer Mortar)
  • November 2023 Figures (Won by Simon Osborne with Lock n Load)
  • December 2023 Secret Santa (Won by Dave Scott with SAS Desert Jeep)
  • January 2024 Civilian (Won by Paul Cawte with Ex Military Tow Truck)
  • February 2024 named after animal (Won by Phil Scaife with Berlin Ferret)
  • March 2024 Japanese Car, Bike, Plane, Tank. Japanese markings/number plates only.
  • April 2024 Anything goes as long as it’s less than 6 inches across
  • May 2024 AGM
  • June 2024 Aircraft, Military or Civilian
  • July 2024 Animals, Any animal (real or fictitious) or named after one
  • August 2024 Military Vehicles, wheeled or tracked military vehicles.
  • September 2024 Best of British, any British modelling subject
  • October 2024 Non Military (civilian), model of anything non military
  • November 2024 Out of the Box and handout of Secret Santa, strictly build out of the box. Secret Santa should be below £20 value
  • December 2024 Secret Santa builds, strictly build out of the box
  • January 2025 On, In or under the Water, Ships, Subs, Seaplanes, Amphibious, Sharks, etc.
  • February 2025 Figure, Bust, Full figure any subject and scale
  • March 2025 Movies and TV, any subject featured in the movies or TV
  • April 2025 Sci-Fi and Fantasy, any subject from Sci-Fi or Fantasy topic
  • May 2025 AGM


One model per person, must be built in last 12 months.
Aim of the competition is for you to try different things.
It may have a pretty base but you only judge the model if appropriate.


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